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Pet Surgery

Owning a pet comes with many responsibilities over time, including providing treatment for injuries, illness, and even surgical procedures ranging from routine to major surgery. That's why it is important to establish a strong relationship with a reputable, experienced veterinarian in your area. Those who live in or near the Bailey area can count on Dr. Sheila RiceWatkins at Crow Hill Veterinary Hospital to provide superior pet products and services, including pet surgery. The clinic has everything a pet owner needs to provide for pets including products and services they need throughout their lifetime.  


Services Pet Owners can Count on

It's reassuring to know that you can get a full range of services from a single veterinarian regardless if it's a checkup, vaccinations, or surgical procedures. Most pets will encounter a serious condition or ailment in their lives that can require surgery. Having a vet clinic in your area that you can rely on, and trust, is one of the keys in the outcome and recovery of your pet. When you take your pet for surgical procedures at Crow Hill Veterinary Hospital, you will receive expert care and treatments by professionals who takes your pet's wellbeing seriously. The professional staff treat their patients, large and small, just like they were their own. 

Emergency Pet Care

Emergencies can develop quickly without warning and sometimes require immediate surgery to save a pet's life. Other conditions can develop slowly and eventually require surgical procedures to treat symptoms or repair an injury internally. Whatever the case may be, pet owners know they can offer their pet the best quality care in the Bailey area when they take them to Crow Hill Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Sheila RiceWatkins, who is a highly experienced, trained veterinarian able to provide both routine treatments and services, as well as a wide variety of surgery options to help your pet live their best life. In addition, you can rely on aftercare that ensures they heal quickly and prevents complications during the healing process such as infection. 

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Anyone who is currently looking for a great veterinarian clinic serving the Bailey area should call to schedule a consultation at Crow Hill Veterinary Hospital with Dr. Sheila RiceWatkins today and start providing your pet with everything they need to be healthy and happy at all stages of their lives. Get experienced and compassionate vet services all under one roof.